Announcing FPELRA's 2017 43rd Annual Conference!

Our 2016 Walkabout in the Outback was fantastic and we were able to return in one piece.  And our planned LAUA for 2017 is taking shape rapidly! Plan now to join Us for our 43rd Annual Training Conference in Orlando from February 27 to March 1, 2017!  Save the Dates!luaua-pineapple

See the agenda as it is developed!

tiki-totemDo you have someone that needs training to join your negotiation team? FPELRA offers the most comprehensive training program available in Florida! Our four module Certified Labor Relations Professional Program is offered each year. Module I: Introduction to Collective Bargaining & Chapter 447, F.S. the Public Employee Relations Act is a pre-requisite to the other three and will be presented as a pre-conference session on February 26, 2017. Certification can be achieved in a single calendar year! Sign up now!

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