Announcing FPELRA's 2017 43rd Annual Conference!

Our 2017 Luau turned out to be a terrific conference for all!  And, we seek your input as we start on our conference planning for 2018 Annual Training Conference.  Drop us a line with your ideas!

In the meantime, keep February 11 – 14, 2018 open on your calendar!  You’ll definitely want to join us for our 44th Annual Training Conference then!  Save the Dates!

Do you have someone that needs training to join your negotiation team? FPELRA offers the most comprehensive training program available in Florida! And, it is specifically geared to Florida Public Sector Employers.  Our four module Certified Labor Relations Professional Program is offered each year. Certification can be achieved in a single calendar year! Sign up now!

Join FPELRA today to realize real savings!


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