The Florida Public Employer Labor Relations Association (FPELRA) appreciates your support for continued member benefits!

FPELRA has three membership categories.

  • An individual membership for a single person working for a Florida public sector employer (State, County, City, Special District, School, etc.) in a role that advocates for management. Advocacy can be in the area of agency administration, Labor & Employee Relations, General Human Resources (Benefits & Risk Management), Legal, Budgeting & Finance, and supervision of bargaining unit employees. ($100 per calendar year)
  • An agency membership (up to three individuals working for the same public sector employer in the areas described under individual membership ($100 first member, $100 second member and $25 third member per calendar year). A Florida public sector employer may have multiple agency memberships of up to three employees each; and,
  • A sustaining membership for a single person not directly employed by a Florida public sector agency who works with or represents management as an attorney, consultant or other service provider. ($100 per calendar year)

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Please direct questions regarding membership eligibility or issues with renewing/joining by calling 561-320-2682 or email Anthony at [email protected]